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So due to relatives spending my money without my knowledge, I am now in dire straights financially and I need to suplement my (very) limited income, since I only have 53.00 dollars to last me until *September*

So I need commissions badly.

Commission Slots:

 :iconakitymh: FINISHED, Waiting Final Approval
1. :iconthewildbearofrussia: Lines Done
2. :icondinosaur-ana: Lines Done
3.  [Open]

Open for Commissions!

These commissions will focus solely on the fetish or human side of things because as mentioned, I have not yet really gotten the hang of drawing kaiju and monsters on tablets. (Plus those are generally more difficult to get right for me, a stark contrast to the rest of my community I know)

Price Range:

Sketch: Shoddy, unclean lines, no flats, no BG, just basically a pose with character identifiers. Basically a Doodle. 5$

Lines: Clean, Vector Lines. Transperent BG w/ .lip or .psd file delivered for coloring at your disposal. 7$ for the first chara 5$ for each additional chara.

Full Colors and Shades: 15$ for one character and simple or transparent background. 10$ for each additional character. This is the full package and thus you will also be sent the .psd file or .lip for your own tinkering.
Pathfinder Lelia by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

Slave Girl Kyra by SirKaijuOfVaudeville HWE Kyra Scott by SirKaijuOfVaudeville Secret Santa 2016 by SirKaijuOfVaudeville DKG Beatdown: Angra by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

Background: Depending on the complexity of the scene I may ask for an additional 5 – 10 dollars depending on the set up. Like architecture in the background will be a very time consuming ordeal, esp. if I have to draw it from scratch. References will help mitigate this however. The Background of this image in particular is an example of a ten dollar BG:
Ruki Motoko by SirKaijuOfVaudeville Dancing Slave by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

April.... Fears?! by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

This images here is generally the final result of the quality of a full color, background and shaded image:

Date Night in Aokigahara by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

Mature Content

Goddess's Consorts by SirKaijuOfVaudeville

For the BG, Charas, and such this would run around 45 - 50$

JOTE NPC: Kyra Scott by SirKaijuOfVaudeville JOTE NPC: Ruki Hoshokuko by SirKaijuOfVaudeville
Waist-up Tokens like these will only run you 8$ for a single character.


Anime Characters, Original Characters, Video game characters, etc.

Non Fetish: Action Scenes, Stock Poses, Etc.

Light bondage, Hardcore Peril bondage, Pre-vore, monster vore (man-eating plant, snake, etc), mind control, Hardcore BDSM, nudity, milking, Yuri, Couples in Distress (guy and gal in bondage), pregnant/breeding, and more risqué faire that can’t be posted to dA but I can post elsewhere. Generally if it’s not listed below, I probably won’t have a problem with it.


Kirito Kirigaya and Akiyama Ryo. :iconnoguyplz:

Any fetish image that doesn’t somehow involve bondage or BDSM in some form or fashion: self-explanatory, the bondage aspect of a fetish image is a key motivating factor. This might be revoked at a later date.

Tickling and Foot focused Imagery: Sorry, but the focus on the feet on such images do not do me any favors and I am woefully unskilled in drawing bare feet nonetheless an image where they are the focal point.

GID (Guys in Bondage): I will draw CID, but just GID is not something I am interested in doing. Now the caveat to this is I might be willing to listen if its Femdom…

Snuff, Guro, Hardvore: Any image that involves actual death or the like. I will do noose perils, but not the actual hanging part.

Yaoi: Not my thing, sorry.

Furry: With one or two exceptions, I will not draw Furry characters as the core focus of an image. Special exceptions can be made for a captor, like I will have no qualms drawing Renamon or a Viper from XCOM 2 as a captor/dom in an image, but those characters a few and far between. You can try and persuade me, but generally I find most furries to be completely uncanny valley and thus attempting to draw one is a huge motivation killer for me. No offense, but they are not my thing and I will generally not draw them. So while this may prevent me from getting certain customers, I won’t be able to finish said images in time anyways so there is no point in trying.

Futanari: This has one exception: alien or non-human characters as the dominatrix. Liara from Mass Effect plowing Fem Shep is something I will be okay with (ditto for Renamon and Ruki/Rika)

Lolicon: Any underage chara commissioned will be depicted as if she were an adult. I will not draw Loli’s in any other capacity.

Expansion, Weight gain, BBW, “blue-berries”, being flattened, being turned into clothes or furniture, scat, necrophilia, prolapse, amputee, water sports, unbirthing, genital mutilation, concrete enemas, Mexican sugar dancing, floor tiles.



For a full image, half up front after the final sketch/agreed upon pose with the rest of the payment being paid after the image is done. Done through Paypal. I shall provide my paypal email after the final sketch is agreed upon. If it’s just a sketch, the payment will be asked for after the image is complete.

I will likewise also be open to other payment options, but so far, Amazon Giftcards are the only optional choice I have.


The Process:

Send me a note entitled “commission” and we will commune from there.

Once the idea is approved, I will get to work on the sketch to show whenever I have time and then show it. (Tuesdays or Thursdays are really good working days for me!) Once you approve the final sketch of the pose and the like, I will ask for half of the payment and then get to work. I will then send you updates via the lineart, then the flats and then finished image. You can specifically request to make the image private, therefore only me and you will be able to view it.

Also, when noting me, please provide me good references! (Including a general idea of a pose or binding arrangement…)

Also: Each image will include a “Sir K variant” which, if not already specified in the image, will feature one or more of the female subjects in a partial rendition of the Sir-K package which means neckbinding/choker/tight neckwear and glasses! This will be a free variant for everyone, which will help motivate me to get the image done. Other variants including gags, or the like are up for discussion but are not guaranteed. (This variant only applies to images with female subjects and/or bondage)


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This thing needs more love.
Sat Jul 8, 2017, 6:30 AM
Mon Aug 1, 2016, 9:19 PM
dicks out for harambe
Sun Jul 31, 2016, 10:45 PM
No Requests either.
Thu Apr 30, 2015, 8:41 AM
How about Mai Valentine from YU-GI-OH or Alexis Rhodes from YU-GI-OH GX? They're both grown ups. (ALexis is 18 as of season 4.)
Thu Apr 30, 2015, 8:38 AM
Sakura, Hell no. I'm out of my Narutard phase, ain't going back if my work on DCOFL is any indication. Ruki I won't post here due to dA rules. Rukia, maybeeee~
Mon Apr 20, 2015, 9:27 PM
More of Sakura, Rukia, and Ruki.
Mon Apr 20, 2015, 8:52 AM
Get a room, all of you.
Sat Dec 20, 2014, 3:58 PM
gerd wants some.
Tue Dec 16, 2014, 3:57 PM
Sun Nov 16, 2014, 12:08 PM

Monster Hunter World Poll, which Tribe of Grimalkyne deserve to have a Captive Hunter and for what reason? 

6 deviants said Gajalaka (GAJALAKA! THAT HUNTER LOOKS GOOD SLAVE!! TEACH HER DANCE!!) (Tribal Danceer)
5 deviants said Protectors (Nya! Its too exhausting in the wastes! We need a good mount to ride around on!) (Ponygirl)
3 deviants said Bugtrappers (Nya! Monsters keep bullying us! Feed her to them so they will leave us alone!) (Sacrifice to Monster)
3 deviants said Troupers (Nya! That Hunter looks like good pet!!) (Tribal Pet)
3 deviants said Plunderers (Nya! We're starving! And Hunter looks tasty! Tie her to a spit! She can feed us for a week!) (Tied to spit)



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